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This is the landing page for Priam, your ancient history hub & knowledge base. The website is named in honour of Priam, the legendary king of Troy. There is an essay about him on the website.

Whether you are new to ancient history, seeking to deepen your knowledge or are an experienced ancient historian, there is plenty of material on Priam for you to explore.

Some fantastic items on ancient history for you to read; an exciting resource section with online magazines, text repositories, databases and communities; and a growing gallery of images from and about the ancient world. Come on in and enjoy Priam.

Image credit: Blick auf das brennende Troja (View of the Burning of Troy) by Johann Georg Trautmann (1713–1769). Oil on canvas. From the collections of the granddukes of Baden, Karlsruhe. You can see this image in the Gallery and on the Home page on Priam.

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